Restaurant Manager POS Helps Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Simple, secure tableside payment processing is the latest in the long line of mobile benefits offered to customers who dine in establishments using the latest version of ASI’s Restaurant Manager™ POS System. From the floor of the The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York at the Jacob Javits Center, ASI demonstrates how Restaurant Manager™ prevents identify theft via credit card “skimming” by allowing the complete payment transaction to occur in front of restaurant customers.

Skimming occurs when dishonest employees secretly copy customer information off the credit card when they take the credit card to another area of the restaurant to process the payment. Mobile Payment Processing – right at tableside — protects restaurant patrons from identity theft because they never loose sight of their credit card.

Restaurant Manager™ v15.1 with Mobile Payment Processing also protects restaurants from other forms of credit card fraud by encrypting credit card data according to standards set by the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) and is listed on the VISA website as a “CISP Validated Payment Application”:

Visa Payment Applications

CISP validation, often referred to as “PCI Compliance” guarantees that POS applications, including ASI’s Restaurant Manager POS System, minimize security threats and instill consumer confidence by assuring the safety of cardholder information.

“In this age of heightened security concerns, it is, of course, critical that POS applications are fully PCI Compliant,” said Alex Malison, CEO of ASI. “ASI is proud that our Restaurant Manager and Write-On Handheld POS Systems are some of the first hospitality POS applications to be fully validated by CISP.” CISP Validation together with the Mobile Payment Processing offers even more more safeguards against credit card fraud to both restaurants and diners alike.

Spiro Gioldasis, manager of Mrs. K’s Toll House in Silver Spring, Md., and a longtime user of ASI’s Restaurant Manager POS System, explains what Mobile Payment Processing means to his customers: “Diners simply hand the waiter their card for a quick swipe at tableside and then slip the card right back in their wallets. There is zero opportunity for fraud. Plus, customers in a hurry really appreciate how quickly we print and settle their check, right at the table.

Mobile Payment Processing even takes care of another headache: handling cards customers accidentally leave behind!” Mobile Payment Processing works not only with cash and credit cards, it also accommodates specialized forms of payment like gift cards, house accounts and room charges.

ASI’s Restaurant Manager with Mobile Payment Processing as well as the fully wireless Write-On Handheld POS application are both approved to operate on the MC50 from Symbol Technologies, a handheld computer that combines an enhanced PDAstyle form factor with optimal performance to operate enterprise-level applications.

“ASI applications running on rugged-ized equipment from Symbol create wireless handheld solutions that are first in their class” states ASI CEO, Alex Malison. “ASI has already set the standard in tableside order-taking with the Write-On Handheld POS System which relies on natural handwriting for easy data entry, intuitive manager alerts and real-time reports. Mobile Payment Processing simply closes the loop,” Malison explains. “Credit card fraud and identity theft are problems that are really only solved when POS systems marry Mobile Payment Processing with overall PCI Compliance.”

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Author: Remigijus Pavydis