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Tap and Tankard
Happy days
harbor house
valenza italian
canyons burger company
relish gourmet burgers
basement burger bar
scrambler marie’s
pascal’s bistro
curry on crust
La Fonda Latina
Harry and Sons
Le Cafe
Tap and Tankard
Happy days
harbor house
valenza italian

The POS Your Restaurant Will Never Outgrow

Traditional Touchscreen or Tablet/Cloud POS: Choose what's right for you.

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Global POS. Local Sales, Service and Support.

Restaurant Manager is sold and serviced by hundreds of Local Authorized Resellers Worldwide.

Case Study

Le Cafe

Moncton, New Brunswick

“We now average around 25 online orders a day with close to 300 steady clients, representing about 8% of our total customer base. With the average check running around $7.50 that translates to an average of $900 per week in additional revenue.”

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Reseller Profile

NIT Business Solutions

San Diego, California

“The money Restaurant Manager invests in advertising and coop marketing gives our dealership an unbelievable advantage. Six of the sales we closed in the last two months resulted from a direct mail campaign where Restaurant Manager covered 50% of the cost and handled all the mailing logistics for me. No other POS company partners with their dealers like Restaurant Manager.”

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