ASI enables EMV-certified payment transactions

Silver Spring, MD (May 26, 2016) – Action Systems, Inc. (ASI), a POS software developer, recently has announced a strategic relationship with Vantiv Integrated Payments and Payment Logistics®, both providers of payment technology. These strategic relationships provide ASI and their resellers with comprehensive fully certified EMV payment processing solutions in ASI’s Restaurant Manager Version 19.1 software combined with the RM Gateway and either a Payment Logistics or Vantiv Integrated Payments merchant account. ASI’s Restaurant Manager EMV payment solution provides restaurant customers with the capability to swipe a magnetic stripe, dip a chip enabled payments card or tap a Near Field Communications (NFC) enabled card or device (like a smart phone) using Apple Pay, Android Pay and other leading mobile wallets.

Why is EMV so important? As of October 1, 2015, restaurants that have not implemented EMV-enabled POS solutions have a high likelihood of incurring EMV related chargebacks due to counterfeit and stolen card fraud claims.

According to Dustin Niglio, CEO of Payment Logistics, “Since the October 2015 liability shift date, we’ve seen a huge spike in chargebacks at merchant locations that are not yet EMV-enabled. Merchants who never had a problem with chargebacks in the past are learning the hard way just how important EMV acceptance is to their business. EMV related losses are imminent to those merchants who put off upgrading their POS systems to support the chip card standard.”

“EMV is an important technology that helps to protect merchants against fraudulent transactions. What’s more, as more and more merchants experience chargebacks, EMV will undoubtedly emerge as a core function of the consumer transaction experience. Not only that, but we anticipate restaurant operators to adopt mobile technology, like ApplePay, to enhance the payment workflow,” said Matt Downs, head of business and channel development, Vantiv Integrated Payments.

Major benefits of installing an EMV-certified POS system such as Restaurant Manager version 19.1 include:
• Adding a layer of security to protect cardholder data and minimizing PCI compliance burden
• Protecting against counterfeit and stolen card fraud
• Demonstrating a restaurant’s commitment to secure customer data
• Instantly adding support for Apple Pay, Android Pay and other NFC payments

“Without a certified EMV payments solution, restauranteurs are at risk for flagrant chargebacks and friendly fraud,” said Joe Finizio, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ASI. “Both fraudsters and banks are taking advantage of the chargeback liability shift to merchants not yet able to process EMV payments”

About Action Systems Inc.
Founded in 1987, ASI has focused exclusively on providing open architecture Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions to the food service industry. Their feature-full POS product, Restaurant Manager™, has been installed in over 20,000 restaurants around the world and currently includes specialized applications for table service, nightclubs and bars, pizza and delivery, quick service, and chain operations. ASI became an industry leader in mobile POS with the introduction in 2002 of a patented, wireless handheld POS solution, a position that is being extended with the release of Duet, a Tablet/Cloud-based SaaS solution that is targeted at independent restaurants and regional chains.

ASI sells its POS solutions through an extensive network of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) based in the U.S. and Canada as well as in other international markets including Mexico, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and many European countries.

About Vantiv Integrated Payments
Vantiv Integrated Payments is making payments smarter, faster and easier by partnering with software companies and technology service firms to embed payments processing in front and back office applications. Our commerce technology integrates into a broad set of point of sale systems, reaching merchants through an extensive partner network of thousands of point-of-sale software developers and value-added resellers. Our award-winning customer service and value-added solutions help businesses to streamline and build revenue through simple to use commerce solutions.

About Payment Logistics
Payment Logistics is a full service payment processor that develops, deploys and maintains its payment technology in-house. Their Paygistix® integration solution provides EMV acceptance capabilities for the food and beverage hospitality industry that minimizes an end users PCI compliance burden to that of a standalone payment terminal while providing best-in-class EMV features such as tip adjustment on all EMV payment types including chip and pin. Merchants using Paygistix can choose from a variety of EMV payment devices to fit their unique needs including a customer facing multi-lane terminal with signature capture, a compact wifi enabled terminal with CDMA wireless backup and more traditional countertop devices. Through their online interface, Paygistix users gain real-time access to transaction data with the ability to perform corrective functions like void, refund, adjustment and repeat sale without needing the full card number. By avoiding reliance on third party solutions and instead focusing on in-house technology and services, Payment Logistics is able to maintain an unprecedented level of accountability to their POS developer partners, value added resellers and end users who rely on them to power payments in their business.

Author: Remigijus Pavydis