RM Alerts

RM Alerts

Running a lucrative restaurant is easier said than done. It’s hard to turn a profit when you paid $5,000 in overtime this week, had 4 walk-outs on Saturday night AND you can’t figure out why your cash tray won’t balance!! That’s why Restaurant Manager has been designed to work with a real-time reporting service called RM Alerts that pulls actionable data from your Restaurant Manager POS System and delivers it – in real-time – to the smart phones of top managers.

Data from RM Alerts can be used to:

  • Cut Costs – Take select staff off the clock when Overtime Alerts warn an employee is nearing overtime thresholds or when Labor Cost Alerts that show that sales are dropping off after a lunch or dinner rush.
  • Improve Service – Give special attention to key customers when the VIP Alert shows a big spending customer just ordered an expensive item or when the Prep Time Alert shows that Table 4 has been waiting more than 20 minutes for drinks.
  • Prevent Wastage & Fraud – Use the Hardware Interface Alert to track when the Walk-in temperature goes above 50° or use the Void Alert to identify staff who attempt to process a suspicious number of voids on cash transactions or revise settlements after the session is closed, etc.

The RM Alerts Service is sold separately from the core POS software but currently offers over 50 different alert triggers on data pulled from the Restaurant Manager POS software!


Online Ordering

Increase Revenue Without Increasing Staff

Restaurant Manager’s fully integrated Online Ordering module gives you complete management of your restaurant’s dine-in and online ordering menu from one single system. All reporting a menus are neatly tied together and linked to the revenue centers you created for your establishment. Customers can place orders from on the mobile-friendly Website from and computer, tablet, or smartphone device with no special app to download.

  • Eliminate ordering errors due to miscommunication reducing both waste and costs
  • Maintain menus and track results through one interface. No new software to learn!
  • Watch orders increase 15%-20% over typical phone in order
  • Keep your “virtual” store open 24×7 and allow customers to order for the next day, week or month.
  • Test drive Online Ordering


RM Loyalty

Unparalleled Results at an Affordable Price.

Fully automated loyalty module that integrates with your Restaurant Manager POS and the latest mobile technology. Operates seamlessly across one or many locations.

  • Send updates to your network of followers about daily specials and events
  • Immediate communication with customers through text message or email
  • Customers can view their current point balance, available rewards, and even future rewards



RM Monitor: Reports

Manage your Restaurant from Anywhere, Anytime

RM Monitor is one of the powerful mobile POS solutions for managers and owners that can be fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager POS System. Keep tabs on key real-time data about your restaurant whether you are on site or away, at home, or on vacation. Access the most up to date data important to managing and monitoring your establishment using an iPhone, Android device, or web browser in just a few seconds. True visibility into on-site happenings through current day summary data on sales, customers, checks, average spend and labor.

  • Improve cost control with configurable real-time alerts for employees approaching overtime, large deletions or voids
  • Faster table turns via up to date information on open tables and tabs
  • Choose from hundreds of Restaurant Manager reports to be delivered directly to you mobile device