RM Handheld

RM Handheld

Use an iPod or other handheld device with a mag stripe reader to turn your Restaurant Manager POS into a mobile tableside ordering and pay-at-the-table solution to speed table turns and allow customers to pay without losing sight of their credit card.

Mobile POS for pay-at-the-table is ideal for full-service restaurants, stadiums, cocktail bars and other hospitality environments where payment is currently processed at a central location, far from the customer’s view.

Tables are freed up more quickly when customers don’t have to stay at the table waiting for their credit card to be returned. And customers love it when they can pay their check without losing sight of their credit card. They appreciate the protection against identity theft and — when they’re in a hurry — are glad to skip the wait for their credit card to be returned. Restaurants need no longer hassle with storing credit cards that customers accidentally leave behind.

Any approved handheld computer, including Apple’s iPod touch, can be used as a Pay-at-the-Table device. Simply fit it with a mag stripe reader and load it with the RM Handheld app to easily process payments at tableside.

Even restaurants who aren’t ready for tableside order-taking can realize significant bottom line benefits at very little cost by using the RM Handheld mobile point of sale app for payment processing.


RM Tablet

Choose the mobile solution that best fits your business. Get access to all of the proven and profitable features of the Restaurant Manager POS system using traditional fixed stations, or mobile POS stations like the iPad or iPad mini.

The time consuming process of writing down an order and walking to a POS Station to enter it becomes obsolete when servers are equipped with the RM Tablet on an iPad or iPad Mini. Allow servers to take orders and process payments on the RM Tablet, and watch how efficiently they can work to boost your bottom line.

RM Tablet is fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager POS system making it easy to use and manage. Whether you serve customers in a full service restaurant, bar, nightclub, or in a mobile food truck, RM Tablet can increase your sales, enhance the productivity of your servers, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.


RM Kiosk

Increase average checks, table turns, and customer satisfaction with the RM Kiosk iPad POS app. The perfect customer facing mobile POS that allows guest to view your menu, select items, and place orders themselves with this sleek iPAd POS app.

Guests no longer need to wait for an available cashier, waiter, or bartender to place their order so orders are sent sooner, lines and wait times are reduced, and tables turn faster.

RM Kiosk is fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager POS system making it easy to use and manage. Seamlessly alert runners, servers, bartenders and the kitchen when a customer places an order, ensuring orders are managed and guests are served promptly. Use a single interface to add menu items on the fly, create and manage promotions like happy hours, coupons, or customer loyalty programs, and more, with Restaurant Manager POS and RM Kiosk iPad POS.