Restaurant Manager POS


Manage third-party applications … all from one place!

Marketplace, which is part of the Lighthouse Business Management System, is host to a variety of value-added third-party applications that seamlessly integrate with the Restaurant Manager and Duet POS systems. These applications are designed to add functionality to the POS software and create a wide range of operational efficiencies. Marketplace integrations will help you save money, free up counter space, improve reporting and streamline your operations.

With Marketplace, you will have one core menu to edit -- the POS menu for third party applications. The menu can be filtered, made friendly for consumers and pushed to all the online ordering providers. It flows directly into the POS system for fulfillment.

Marketplace offers these advantages to the POS systems:
• Value added functionality is provided to your POS software;
• Third-party services can be discovered, activated or discontinued through Marketplace rather than having to deal with separate companies;
• Online Ordering integrations will free up counter space as you can discard independant tablets plus removes step of keying orders back into the POS.

Current applications on Marketplace include:


Nation’s largest and fastest growing on-demand destination for door-to-door delivery. By integrating online ordering and delivery services to the POS system, you are able to eliminate tablets or extra printers that were previously needed to manage these services. No more tablet hell!!!


Answer 6 questions and this application will build a website for you. The website is branded and synced with the POS. All the essentials are included: mobile friendly design, SEO, web hosting, content editing and automated updates.

Taffer Virtual Teaching

Over 60 interactive courses with testing and certification for the entire restaurant staff. With tracking and reporting, you can know what to expect from the staff.


A cloud-based employee scheduling and communications system that features employee self service via mobile apps.


Enables you to send emails to people who are interested in their restaurant.


A popular online ordering service. Orders placed through TakeOut7 will be able to sync directly with Restaurant Manager’s point of sale software.


Restaurateurs can integrate online ordering and delivery services (commission-free) with their Restaurant Manager POS system.

Learn more about managing all of your third-party applications from the POS!