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Gift Cards

Restaurant Manager offers a variety of gift cards, and gift card options, to suit your specific needs.

The perfect Gift Card package

Choose from a broad selection of predesigned gift card templates or produce your own card designs with your own custom artwork or images. Use our simple and intuitive online interface, to easily select a template, or upload your own image. Then customize with your business information; select different fonts, colors and text placement to suit your unique business needs. Each package contains gift card sleeves and envelopes, window decals and a tabletop display with insert.

There are a plethora of advantages to gift cards, for your business.

Server accepting gift cards from customers

Gift Card Benefits:

Improve customer loyalty

Gift cards act as miniature billboards, improving brand awareness and reminding customers to return to your location every time the gift card is seen.

Can be reloaded with additional value, making them an ideal tool to promote repeat shopping

Customers generally spend more than the amount of the gift card.

Gift Cards that are never utilized (lost or forgotten) represent 100% profit to you

Great for cash flow because they are prepaid before you provide the goods and services allowing you to invest these prepaid dollars into your business.

Take up minimal space and are easy to stock and display

Make great “thank you's” and incentives to potential customers or can be given in place of cash for returns.

Fastest growing form of non-cash payment in the United States

Unlike traditional paper certificates, the balance on the gift card is automatically updated with each use, eliminating the need for you to provide a cash reimbursement to your customers for the remaining value of the gift card. Customers will also be able to check the balance of their gift cards online.

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