Restaurant Manager POS

Caller ID

Use our Caller ID POS System feature to improve your business and build you customer database

See information about your customer on your POS System before you even answer the phone

Restaurant Manager’s Caller ID feature allows the Point of Sale (POS) system to read the phone number of the person who is calling and then pull up that customer’s information. Have a new customer calling? The Caller ID/ POS system feature allows you to create a new order from a screen in the system, enabling you to grow your customer database.

Server using caller id with restaurant pos system

Restaurant Manager’s Caller ID can be used to:

Easily identify your customers

Your customer database will pull up all prior information based on the incoming phone number. This enables employees to quickly review the client's information before responding.

Personalized phone calls

Caller ID allows you to personalize the phone calls for your customers. Because you have the customers information in front of you, you can use their first name, take repeat orders quickly and more.

Save time

Automatically pull up the record on the customer, decreasing the amount of time employees have to spend on the phone with each customer and making employees more productive.

Build your customer list

Record each name and phone number of incoming calls, increasing the size of your customer database on a daily basis. Market your restaurant to this list.

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