RM Payments

Restaurant Manager (RM) now offers in-house payment processing services for a better, more integrated point-of-sale experience. Take advantage of special incentives that are available to those who switch to RM Payment Processing:

  • Free upgrade to RM version 20
    Take advantage of the features and functionality that RM v20 has to offer!
  • Free EMV Terminals
    Support EMV chip card transactions with tip adjustment, accept Mastercard’s new BIN cards and ensure compliance with PCI’s new TLS requirements!

Click here to learn more about the benefits of switching to RM Payments!

News About Restaurant Manager SaaS Solutions

Internet outages and other issues can sometimes disrupt online services that communicate with your Restaurant Manager POS System. Click here for updates on technical issues that may be impacting SaaS solutions, including:

  • RMMonitor
  • Online Ordering
  • RM Gift Cards
  • RM Loyalty
  • RM Enterprise

Latest Release Offers Compelling NEW Features

All Restaurant Manager users are invited to upgrade to a major new release of the Restaurant Manager POS software. Packed with 40+ compelling new features, this new software is a must for anyone looking to speed table turns, reduce fraud or incent customers to provide email addresses and mobile numbers for future marketing. Whether you’re looking for Catering Deposits, Server Team Management, or EMV Pay-at-the-Table**, Restaurant Manager v20 has got what you’re looking for. For details, contact your local reseller or review this Upgrade Brochure.

v20 End User License Agreement

Licensed users may transfer their license to another business entity as long as:

  • They are licensed to use the current version of Restaurant Manager
  • The transfer is managed by an authorized Restaurant Manager Dealer
  • The new user accepts the terms of Restaurant Manager’s standard End User License Agreement

Online Ordering

Online Ordering has quickly become an expected means of ordering by customers for many establishments, and an easy way to increase revenue without increasing staff. Here’s how Online Ordering can benefit many types of restaurants:

  • Get more lunch business: You can really reach the office lunch crowd that’s either pressed for time or often gets take-out or delivery. Even fine dining establishments are now offering more moderately priced lunch specials – why not target the local offices and boost your lunch sales?
  • Tap into those on the go: More and more people are replacing home meals with meals to go picked up from local establishments. Online Ordering lets them order before leaving work for a convenient pick-up on their way home.
  • Compete with the large players: Most major national (and more and more local) chain restaurants offer Online Ordering. You can now easily compete with them in this area to ensure your restaurant captures a piece of this growing market.
  • Get Started: Online Ordering requires Restaurant Manager v.19 or above.
    Use the Online Ordering Customer Set-Up Worksheet to get started with your upgrade today!

RM Loyalty

Restaurant Manager users who wish to boost repeat business should subscribe to the RM Loyalty Service that will broadcast promotional messaging to restaurant patrons and allow them to earn and redeem points for purchases at the restaurant. Contact your Restaurant Manager Dealer for more information. You may also complete the RM Loyalty Customer Enrollment Form to request this service.