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Coffee Shop POS System

Restaurant Manager’s Coffee Shop POS System helps your customers get their orders quickly and correctly -- every time. In fact, customers will make your coffee shop a part of their daily routine if you can consistently provide these two services.

Coffee Shop POS System

POS as customizable as your lattes

Restaurant Manager’s comprehensive coffee shop POS system helps you increase revenue, decrease costs and improve efficiencies. It focuses on critical business issues facing today’s coffee shop owner. With this Coffee Shop POS, you get robust operational functionality, and the information necessary to solve real business issues while ensuring return business.

Coffee Shop POS System Features to Improve Operations

Intuitive software interface

New employees can easily get up-to-speed, which is important in this high-labor turnover industry

Fast & Friendly Order Taking

Multi-column modifiers allow team members to conversationally interact with the guest when entering drink instructions and other modifiers

Real-time Sales Results

Find out your most profitable and popular menu items with detailed reporting, including the days and times that bring in the most revenue

Real-time Alerts

Sent via email or cell phone text messages. Can keep your labor costs in check

Customizable POS screens

Adding two espresso shots to a drink is as easy as a click! New icons, buttons, fonts and colors eliminate unnecessary screens, making navigation intuitive

Inventory & Stock Counters

Track everything you use and sell, down to the last tea bag. Comprehensive or simple management of inventory resources

SkyTab Pay-at-the-Table


A combination of state-of-the-art hardware with a simple and intuitive Coffee Shop POS software, Restaurant Manager’s SkyTab solution provides a guest facing pay-at-the-table (PATT) experience for your cafe. From PATT to tableside reordering to customer engagement, SkyTab provides the tools you need to boost your bottom line and make your customers happy.

Keep your customers coming back again and again

Restaurant Manager's Coffee Shop POS features fully integrated customer loyalty options, keeping your customers coming back for more!

Gift Cards

Increase your sales and expand your market reach.

Customer Loyalty

Promotes special offers to customers and tracks the way they earn and redeem points for their purchases.

Coffee Shop Gift Cards

“We now average around 25 online orders a day with close to 300 steady clients, representing about 8% of our total customer base. With the average check running around $7.50 that translates to an average of $900 per week in additional revenue.”

Steve Goostrey, GM, Le Cafe

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