Using Pinterest to Market Your Restaurant

Using Pinterest to Help Market Your Restaurant

Pinterest is a large and growing image-based social media site with over 10 million registered users.  This site has great potential as a marketing and sales generation strategy for restaurants, especially those that don’t have a huge social media team behind them.  Why?  Because unlike Facebook or Twitter, where it takes a social marketing guru to continually generate new content that will earn attention and cut through the clutter, independent restaurants already have the tools they need to generate appealing content for Pinterest.

Social media and restaurant marketing

Social media has been a successful restaurant marketing tool as frequent diners are more likely than the general public to be tech and social media savvy. From tweeting in their to-go orders to checking in on Facebook, restaurant patrons are happy to interact with their favorite places online. This online interaction takes word of mouth marketing to a whole new level with fans sharing their experiences with hundreds of people, giving the businesses they like credible and free marketing exposure. But without a dedicated marketing team with their fingers on the pulse of the twitter-verse it can be difficult for a small business to control the message on social media by creating their own compelling content.

With Pinterest, a picture is worth a thousand words (and views)

All that is needed to generate social media content with the potential to go viral on Pinterest, however, is easily within reach for restaurants. Pinterest is an image based sharing site where people “pin” pictures they like to their Pinterest board (their page). Visitors to that board, followers of the pinner, or people browsing a category of interest, see what others have pinned and can, in-turn repin what they like.

From pictures of gooey chocolaty cakes to avocado grilled cheese sandwiches, pictures of good looking food – and not necessarily professional pictures either – are pinned and repined on Pinterset boards. Whether leveraging photos taken by the company who did their menu, the pictures from their Online Ordering site, or Instagram pics taken from the owners iPhone, a restaurants own great looking fare is all the content they need to get started with Pinterest.

Sharing great looking pics on Pinterest can earn restaurants followers and marketing exposure. By adding an unobtrusive logo to any picture posted restaurants can maintain branding as pictures are shared on multiple boards, allowing viewers to easily see where the picture (and the food) came from. Using Pinterest as a tool to help strengthen their social media presence, by generating their own content and increasing their followers, can help restaurants interact with current and potential customers online- earning goodwill, brand awareness, and online sales.

Generating revenue from Pinterest

Retailers with ecommerce sites are generating sales directly from Pinterest.  For example, if someone sees something they like on a board or in their feed, they click on the photo, and they are taken directly to the retailer’s online store. This can generate direct sales for that retailer.  Restaurateurs can reap the same benefits by sharing pictures on Pinterest directly from their Online Ordering site.  If a user likes a picture and clicks on it, they are taken directly to your Online Ordering site and may place an impromptu order.

Because of this easy link to sales and the image based nature of this site, Pinterest is a great fit for independent restaurants looking to establish or expand their social media presence.  For resources on social media marketing for restaurants check out Social Media Restaurant Blog.  There are a also lot of great resources on the web about getting started with Pinterest, from You Tube Videos to online articles.

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Author: Remigijus Pavydis