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Grow your business by becoming a reseller of POS software products developed by an industry leader. Restaurant Manager POS software has been installed in thousands of restaurants around the world and also offers in-house payment processing services.

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We're Committed & Dedicated to Helping You Grow Your Business

A 100% reseller-focused company

We understand the value of our resellers. In fact, we know that our 30+ years of success is directly tied to our reseller channel. We don’t make money unless you do!!! We also offer signing bonuses up to $2,000 for every merchant that you bring on board with RM Payments.

An established and stable company

We have decades of restaurant software experience and we understand what restaurants want when it comes to POS software. Our software offers you and your customers a feature-rich point of sale with robust functionality. Restaurant Manager also offers free web-based transaction reports and 24/7 U.S.-based service and support.

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In-house payments processing

RM Payments creates a complete point-of-sale experience and provides the most secure gateway in the industry. Not only will you like the margins on your services and hardware, you'll also enjoy residuals from RM Payments. Plus, you can help merchants prevent fraud, reduce liability and avoid large fines.

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Best of both worlds

We have a strategic vision of hospitality technology. We are continually enhancing both our traditional POS software, Restaurant Manager, while at the same time delivering a tablet/cloud-based product, Duet.

The Best of Both Worlds

Restaurant Manager POS

Restaurant Manager: Traditional POS

Thousands of restaurants use Restaurant Manager. Packed with features designed specifically for independent restaurants and regional chains, Restaurant Manager provides you with the industry’s best traditional POS software, options you need to serve your customers and the best ways to grow your business.

Duet POS System

Duet: Tablet/Cloud-based POS

Duet is a tablet/cloud-based solution built for restaurateurs, designed by restaurateurs. This easy-to-use, reliable software increases the opportunities for you to serve new customers and grow your business faster.

Here's What Our Current Resellers are Saying

“We wouldn’t be able to sell so many Restaurant Manager systems if it weren’t so easy to install and train. I’ve never seen a POS system this easy to setup and configure – and I’ve sold several different POS products during my career. Because of how easy it is, I’ve definitely decreased my install times and increased my margins.”

— Victor Gurganus, Owner,
Data Control Systems, Raleigh, NC

“In an ultra-competitive market like L.A., having a system that not only has all the bells and whistles, but one that can meet the needs of any type of prospect has been critical to our success. Restaurant Manager is such a feature-rich system that we've been able to land high-profile sites, mom and pop sites and everything in between.”

— Bud Chapman, Owner,
CRS Solutions, Santa Ana, CA

“We used to sell one system for table service and another for delivery. It was a service nightmare. With Restaurant Manager, I’m able to cover every market– fine dining, clubs, bars, pizza and QSR. The clients get all the features they need and, by supporting only one product, my sales and service guys are much more productive.”

— Jim Gerow, Owner,
POSitive Technologies, Portland, OR

7 Great Reasons to Become a Restaurant Manager POS Reseller

Feature-Rich POS Software

Since 1987, we have been enhancing the Restaurant Manager POS software with the features and functionality our customers tell us that they need. The end result is a stable and feature-rich solution that helps restaurants run at top efficiency.

Software Stability

Unmatched Software Stability

There’s no better feeling than selling an annual service contract to a restaurant and returning only for lunch and a letter of reference. If the hardware fails or the internet goes down, our failover and back-ups means less downtime for your client and less overhead for you.

Total Market Coverage

The larger the market you serve, the larger your potential profit. Our POS systems are highly scalable and work as well in regional chains as they do in single store configurations. From white tablecloth four-star restaurants to coffee shops, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered.

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Unparelled Marketing

We offer an impressive array of marketing initiatives, including direct mail/email campaigns, lead generation, telemarketing, local tradeshow support and more. We share the spotlight by promoting your company as well as our brand.

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Easy Installation & Training

Quickly master Back-of-the-House setup procedures and Front-of-the-House screen layouts. POS training is a snap and managers quickly master everything from changing menu items to managing payroll. Your clients will love getting up and running so quickly and you’ll love spending less time and money on each installation.

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Solid 24/7 Support

We guarantee a response time of under an hour and use an online help desk system so you don’t have to waste time and money “on hold." Our Dealer Services website also offers online documentation and a searchable Tech Support Knowledge Base. Additionally, resellers support one another through an active Tech Support Discussion Board.

Cutting Edge Sales & Support Tools

We partner with our resellers in all aspects of their business and offer a variety of tools to assist in running a successful POS dealership. We work with you to make your company a total solution provider to the restaurant industry.

Partner with Restaurant Manager to Power Your Business' Growth

Become a RM POS reseller today and get your competitive advantage with our product, training, demand generation, and business growth resources and support.

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