Posiflex KS6900 is Restaurant Manager and Reseller Certified

ASI, developer of the Restaurant Manager™ Point-of-Sale (POS) System for the hospitality industry, has certified the KS6900. Since its launch, the KS6900 has been well received by POSIFLEX’s software partners and resellers.

This new system’s success is truly attributed to the well engineered design and the company’s long standing commitment to quality. Equipped with an Intel® Atom™ 1.8Ghz CPU, the KS6900 is the NEW price-power performer in Posiflex’s flagship fan-free KS family. With a slim cost difference over the entry level offering, users can expect significant performance gains to run more robust applications.

Craig Bednarovsky, Director of Sales and Marketing at ASI, confidently states “Posiflex products offer superior quality hardware that does not compromise on your performance and we are pleased at how our Restaurant Manager software runs smoothly and efficiently on it. User friendly and effective software is only one part of the equation; you’ll need reliable hardware to complete the POS system that drives your business.”

Being ASI-certified is just the first step but the real test of a product is in its field implementation. Here are a few comments from ASI resellers:

Olin Ford, Owner of Southern Oregon Business Equipment LLC, states “Restaurant Manager works perfectly on the KS6915. It’s extremely functional and its sturdy, reliable build is certainly going to stand up to the harsh environmental conditions most restaurants exist in.”

Fabio Piras, Owner of Cash Register Systems of Orange County, “The KS6915 has it all – it is where power, speed and price converge. It is also much improved compared to its predecessor. For uncompromised performance, reliability and price, Posiflex is always our first choice for hardware recommendation.”

Tin Chan, Owner of NIT Business Solutions, “For my hospitality and retail customers, fan-free is a big advantage against environmental pollutants such as grease and dust. All in all, KS6900 is a great machine that I will recommend to my customers. Our partnership with Posiflex is win-win. With their well engineered machines, I have less service calls, more cost savings and happy customers.”

Easily adaptable and scalable across industries and applications, KS6900 provides multiple possibilities. Bednarovsky of ASI adds “With Posiflex, I know I am working with a best of breed hardware partner that understands our industries and our end users, hence Posiflex terminals are overbuilt to over-perform in the hospitality industry. Restaurants generate grease and airborne particles, Posiflex terminals are tough enough for the challenge.”

For more information on the KS6900 series http://www.posiflexusa.com/ks6900 or see the KS6915 Maximum Uptime video demonstrating liquid resistance and resiliency at http://www.posiflexusa.com/KS6915uptime/

KS6900 configuration choices include 15” or 17” screen size, infrared or resistive touch, 1 GB of DDR3 memory standard with a maximum 4 GB DDR3, 6 USB ports, 4 Serial Ports (2 x DB9, 2 x RJ50), RAID 1 option and support POSReady, WinXP Pro, Win7 Pro (32 or 64 bit) and Linux operating systems.

Posiflex Contact

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About Posiflex

Posiflex has four primary objectives – provide revolutionary technology, reliable quality, reasonable pricing and recognized service. For over 25 years we have designed and manufactured Point-ofService (POS) and industrial touch terminals. Recognized as a pioneer and leader in the industry, Posiflex has been awarded more than 30 patents for innovative design. In partnership with software application companies, Posiflex’s products are sold worldwide through VARS and distributors to various vertical industries. Posiflex’s comprehensive suite comprises of a wide range of peripherals, terminals ranging from small footprint electronic cash register replacements, to POS and kiosk touch terminals, to robust back office file servers in two ISO 9001/14001 certified facilities.


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About ASI

ASI was founded in 1987 and is a leading provider of cutting-edge point-of-sale and management software for the foodservice industry. The Restaurant Manager POS Systems focuses on on solving real business problems faced by foodservice establishments helping them to cut costs and boost revenues. ASI offers its software products through a vast network of Value Added Resellers located around the world including the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia. ASI can be found on the web at https://rmpos.com and http://www.twitter.com/restaurantmgr.

Author: Remigijus Pavydis