SkyTab from Restaurant Manager lets you take your restaurant to the next level. Our complete mobile order and payment acceptance device allows you to deliver the ultimate customer experience both inside and outside of your restaurant.

During these unprecedented times, you have to move beyond the table to increase your bottom line. SkyTab has built-in 4G capabilities so you can accept curbside payment for pick-up orders and delivery drivers can process transactions at the customer’s doorstep.

As dine-in service continues to expand, SkyTab can help you increase table turns and boost profits with pay-at-the-table technology. Employees can place orders, reorder items, split checks, and process payments without walking back and forth to a stationary POS terminal.

SkyTab is enabled with NFC technology to ensure the safety of your staff and customers with contactless payments to prevent non-essential contact at the point of sale.

  • Accept EMV and NFC payments like ApplePay for a contactless payment experience
  • Fully integrates with our POS system and Lighthouse Business Management System
  • WiFi and 4G enabled to support curbside takeout, delivery, and more
  • Customer-friendly payment interface for seamless transactions
  • An optional customer satisfaction survey so patrons can rate their experience
  • Build your marketing database by capturing customer email addresses at the point of purchase
  • Send e-receipts print receipts using the built-in printer
  • Place orders and re-orders directly from the table for improved accuracy
  • Split checks in real-time as customers give you the breakdown
  • Custom gratuity suggestions to help make tipping a no-brainer



Allow servers to take orders and process payments with Tableside from Restaurant Manager, and watch how efficiently they can work to boost your bottom line.

Tableside fully integrates with the Restaurant Manager POS system making it easy to use and manage. Whether you serve customers in a full-service restaurant, bar, nightclub, or in a mobile food truck, Tableside can increase your sales, enhance the productivity of your servers, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

  • Eliminate the redundancies associated with handwriting orders
  • Significant improvements to order efficiency and accuracy
  • More accurate ordering results in less wasted food
  • Increased speed of service for happier customers
  • Quicker table turns to produce additional revenue
  • A unique and impressive dining experience for restaurant patrons
  • Contactless payments with support for NFC transactions, EMV chip cards, and traditional swiped transactions