Relish Gourmet Burgers

Relish Gourmet Burgers, a popular quick service chain in Canada, cut their food and labor costs by 5% using the Restaurant Manager POS system. “We use reports to follow sales, number of customers, and average chit,” explains Rivers Corbett, co-founder and president of Relish, “but the team from Atlantic Hospitality suggested we use Restaurant Manager’s stock counters to track number of burgers sold. Now, that report is the guiding post we use to measure how well we are growing our business. Auditing things like beef vs. vegetarian vs. turkey burgers sold helps us make better purchasing and marketing decisions that have resulted in cost savings and better relationships with suppliers.”

Relish uses Restaurant Manager’s fully integrated Online Ordering to increase sales and the RM Monitor remote management app to keep tabs on their business. “RM Monitor is a critical tool for us.” says Mr. Corbett. But more important to Mr. Corbett than any of the system’s powerful features is the superior support and consulting he receives from the restaurant profitability specialists at Atlantic Hospitality. “They are a strategic partner that intimately knows our business.” says Mr. Corbett “they know what is happening in the industry and since day one when we were a one shop operation they have been proactive in helping us use the latest technology to grow in the direction we are heading.”

Restaurant Manager’s flexibility is especially important to Mr. Corbett as Relish has continued to expand. The system is customized to fit his needs at a corporate level and the needs of his franchise team. “It’s not one size fits all.” Mr. Corbett explains “As I grow my multi-unit chain across the country, the business is ever changing, but I have great confidence that with Restaurant Manager and Atlantic Hospitality, I will have the tools I need.”

Relish will open its eighth location this year, with five new store openings slated for 2013.

Author: Remigijus Pavydis