Killarney’s Publick House

Killarney‘s Publick House in Hamilton, NJ provides a perfect spot to watch a game and enjoy a pint while dining on traditional Irish fare. That kind of atmosphere keeps the crowd coming in, the staff hopping and the management focused on ensuring smooth operations. For owner Jack Manousos, this task has been made a great deal easier thanks to Restaurant Manager‘s RM Monitor.

RM Monitor is a powerful service that allows owners and managers to gain real-time visibility into key operational and management data from any smart phone. Through access to information such as sales data, labor and cost ratios, and employee hours worked, as well as the ability to receive key alerts on items like overtime hours worked, voids and deletions, management can stay on top of costly issues at any time, from anywhere.

“It‘s the most used app on my iPhone,” said Jack. “No matter where I am simply pulling out my iPhone and launching RM Monitor gives me instant access to the information that lets me know exactly what‘s going on back at the restaurant while reducing my calls to the manager on duty.”

In addition to letting Jack keep close tabs on customer counts, table sales amount and labor as a percentage of sales ratios, he‘s able to head off potential trouble before it becomes too serious. For example, while out to dinner one night with family, Jack was able to use RM Monitor to quickly and easily check on how things were going back at Killarney’s. What he saw allowed him to act quickly to avoid two potentially costly situations.

“The first thing I saw was that my doorman who checks IDs was not yet clocked in and we were quickly approaching our busiest time of day. I was able to make a call and get a replacement before we had to turn away business,” commented Jack. “The second thing I saw was that an employee that was not even scheduled to work was clocked in and had made three deletions. Someone had fraudulently logged in and was costing me money.” That let Jack take immediate action instead of trying to identify and recoup the losses after the fact.

The Restaurant Manager RM Monitor service is fully PCI Compliant and offers access to virtually any information traditionally available only on-site. Users can configure real-time alerts and request ad-hoc reports to be delivered in a scaled, readable.pdf format to their mobile device.

“The ability to also view virtually any report in a .pdf, easily and on-demand from my iPhone gives me that extra insight that helps me stay profitable,” said Jack.“ I am able to see real-time information about what is going on in my restaurant, including open checks, servers logged in or out and even sales. I can also set up alerts so if we are running low on steak, and I‘m not in the restaurant, I can call the manager and let him know. It really is easy to use, no learning curve at all. Plus it gives me the ability to manage multiple locations. The power is in the data.”

Author: Remigijus Pavydis