Happy Days Diner

Since investing in the Restaurant Manager POS system, Darren Dovin owner of Happy Days Diner in Auburn, ME, has seen a 5% increase in sales thanks to Restaurant Manager’s forced modifiers. “Before we had Restaurant Manager, servers weren’t charging for small add-ons, like a side of peanut butter for example,” says Darren. “Restaurant Manager makes it easy to catch these small sales so I don’t lose that revenue.”

The restaurant profitability specialists at RHS, Darren’s local Restaurant Manger dealer, designed, installed, and trained the team at Happy Days Diner to use their new system. “It was hectic for the first week or two but RHS was great.” says Darren of learning the ins and outs of his new POS while still managing the diner “Any time I wasn’t sure about something I could call them and get an answer right away. Now I could use the system in my sleep.”

Darren has been in the restaurant business for more than 15 years and he likes Restaurant Manager’s modern interface and easy to use navigation compared to other systems he’s used. He also he likes the many options available in this robust software that he can invest in when his business is ready. “I know this program has a lot of room to grow,” he said.

Author: Remigijus Pavydis