Galway Bay Irish Pub

Anthony Clark, co-owner of Galway Bay and two other full service Irish restaurants and pubs in Maryland, has been using the Restaurant Manager POS system to help control costs and run the restaurants efficiently for 18 years. “We’ve tested other software but it wasn’t up to the same standards of consistency, reliability, and fluidity of reporting,” says Anthony. “What I like about Restaurant Manager is that it’s always ahead of the curve.”

Anthony and the restaurant’s management team use several of Restaurant Manager’s most powerful features like the RM Monitor remote management app. “All of our manager’s use RM Monitor on a daily basis to stay informed about what’s happening in the restaurant.” says Anthony. They also use Restaurant Manager’s fully integrated Online Ordering for advance orders. “Our downtown location, Galway Bay, is in the heart of Annapolis, so we serve customers from the state legislature when it’s in session. They use Online Ordering so they can pre-order lunch and late night working dinners for the legislative staff,” says Anthony. “It cuts down on phone calls when the restaurant is busy and improves accuracy.”

To protect his POS investment, Anthony enrolled in a full service maintenance plan with the restaurant profitability specialists at Technology Marketing Inc. (TechMark), his local Restaurant Manager reseller. “We don’t have a lot of issues but things can happen. If the system went down it would lead to dissatisfied customers, stressed out team members, and unknown losses in sales. The cost of an annual maintenance contract is well worth it,” Anthony explained. TechMark’s maintenance plan not only ensures that Anthony and his team will have access to experienced techs in case there is a problem; it also includes training for new managers, feature updates, and preventive maintenance. “St. Patrick’s day is a huge day for us,” says Anthony, “so the team from TechMark comes to each restaurant that morning before we open and double checks everything, then they remain on standby for the rest of the day just in case.”

Anthony recommends that any restaurant investing in a POS system pays close attention to the company they choose to support it. “Ask for references,” he says, “you need to work with someone you can rely on.”

Author: Remigijus Pavydis