Selling gift cards year round

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation season are all past and the holiday season is months away, so are your restaurant’s gift cards sitting on a shelf collecting dust?  Most of your gift card sales will probably always come in 4th quarter, but there are ways, and good reasons, to sell gift cards all year.

How to use your POS reports wisely: Part 3

Using POS reports to do better restaurant marketing Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information you can pull from your POS back office reports? Some restaurant owners delve into the numbers daily while others struggle to see their value. Our series on POS reports is written to offer some simple high level tips for … Continued

Marketing to repeat customers

Marketing to your current customers Restaurants that actively promote themselves have the most success in today’s market.  Since up to 75% of most restaurants’ business comes from repeat visitors, marketing to current customers is a great place to start. Strong communications with current customers can turn repeat visitors into brand evangelists who function as spokespeople … Continued

Is your restaurant ready to go wireless?

Why you need a good wireless network: Wireless networking is becoming more and more vital to running your business as new technology solutions become the norm. Whether you’re providing customers with a wireless hotspot, taking advantage of bring your own device (BYOD) solutions, or utilizing mobility tools to run your business, a reliable and secure … Continued

Employee Contests: An undervalued tool

The value of employee contest An easy to use employee contests feature is frequently undervalued when business owners calculate the ROI on a POS investment. Many Restaurant Manager users have seen real bottom line benefits from their systems easy to use employee contests feature .  Mike Schwartz, Director of Food and Beverage at Pusser’s Annapolis … Continued

How to Run a Successful Online Ordering Program

How to run a successful Online Ordering program Online Ordering can be a huge revenue generator, just think about the record sales on Cyber Monday last December. But if your customers don’t know that they can order online, they won’t use it. Promotion is the key to the success of your Online Ordering site. We … Continued

Using Pinterest to Market Your Restaurant

Using Pinterest to Help Market Your Restaurant Pinterest is a large and growing image-based social media site with over 10 million registered users.  This site has great potential as a marketing and sales generation strategy for restaurants, especially those that don’t have a huge social media team behind them.  Why?  Because unlike Facebook or Twitter, … Continued

Should you run a Groupon?

There are many anecdotal stories from both sides of the spectrum when it comes to the pros and cons of Groupons. From the women who got $10,000 worth of cupcake orders and lost money fulfilling each one of them to the pizzeria owner that earned enough cash from his spike in traffic to expand his … Continued