Compeat Advantage Interfaced with Restaurant Manager POS

      Since 2012, Broders’ Cucina Italiana has been utilizing Compeat Advantage for their back office and accounting in their restaurant, deli, and catering operation along with Restaurant Manager for their POS System.  According to the owners, “Communication is reliable between Compeat and Restaurant Manager POS.  We have never had a glitch.”  Read more about their experience here.

Employee Contests: An undervalued tool

The value of employee contest An easy to use employee contests feature is frequently undervalued when business owners calculate the ROI on a POS investment. Many Restaurant Manager users have seen real bottom line benefits from their systems easy to use employee contests feature .  Mike Schwartz, Director of Food and Beverage at Pusser’s Annapolis … Continued

The Hidden Costs of “Free” POS

There is no such thing as “free” POS We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, so how do so called “free” POS companies get away with those claims? Any business owner knows that value matters more than price, that you get what you pay for, and that anyone offering us … Continued