5 Reasons to Use Pay-at-the-Table Technology in Your Restaurant

  According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA) research, technology can enhance the dining experience for consumers that are short on time but crave personalization. Among these different types of technologies, Pay-at-the-table devices are on the rise in the restaurant community because it benefits both the customer and the business owner.  Over the past decade, … Continued

A Revolution in Payment Processing

A revolution is underway in the world of payment processing.  Card brands are requiring consumers to use a new kind of “EMV” credit card that has an embedded smart chip.  And Apple has released a  “digital wallet” (ApplePay) that’s created sufficient consumer demand that businesses, including restaurants, are feeling the need to start accepting mobile … Continued

The Future of Payments

Traditionally, restaurants have had three ways to accept payments: cash, credit card, and debit card. Changes are coming to the payment industry through the creation of mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, NFC, 1D and 2D barcodes; not to mention the new integrated circuit cards  (IC cards or “chip cards”) for … Continued