How to Run a Successful Online Ordering Program

How to run a successful Online Ordering program

Online Ordering can be a huge revenue generator, just think about the record sales on Cyber Monday last December. But if your customers don’t know that they can order online, they won’t use it. Promotion is the key to the success of your Online Ordering site.

We collected a list of what the top Restaurant Manager Online Ordering clients have done to promote their Online Ordering programs. They all had one thing in common – they suggest that restaurateurs start by promoting their sites to their current customer base. Here are some of the tips they offered that are easy to implement and have had proven results:

1. Change your hold message. When people call in to place orders make sure that your hold message tells them that they can order online to cut the wait. Consider offering free delivery for online orders and promoting it this way as well. “Freeing up my phone lines and my staff has definitely been worth waiving the delivery charge,” says Tracy Fifer of Fifer’s Seafood in Pasadena, MD.

Fifer’s Online Ordering results:

Fifers generated $14,000 in additional revenue in a single month through their Online Ordering site.

2. Promote your Online Ordering in store. “We have information about our Online Ordering site printed on our menus and box toppers,” says Lina Ferraro of Ferraro’s Restaurant in Westfield, NJ. “The same customers that come in to the restaurant also order online at different times and average checks for online orders are higher.”

Ferraro’s Online Ordering results:

Ferraro’s has seen a 10% increase in revenue and 5% decrease in labor costs since implementing Online Ordering.

3. Utilize email marketing. Each customer that orders online once is a potential customer for life.  Use email marketing to share special deals to encourage them to order again, and to share the deal with friends.  “We use Restaurant Manager’s email club,” says John Loukataris of Queen’s To Go, a multi-unit chain in Florida “to send out promotions and special offers specifically to our Online Ordering customers.”

Queen’s OO results:

Queen’s has generated $61,000 in sales from Online Ordering for the first half of 2012 across their three locations.

By following the tips of these successful Restaurant Manager customers, your Online Ordering program can be like opening a second location at a fraction of the cost.

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Author: Remigijus Pavydis