4 Ways to Increase Your Profits on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just the most romantic day of the year…it’s your time to shine! You’re not just selling a delicious dinner, you’re selling a memorable experience. You’ll want to make sure you’re on your game with the best food and customer service possible. That starts with making sure your customers can book reservations online … Continued

4 biggest areas where labor costs can hurt your business

Labor costs are a big issue for restaurateurs. According to Senior Strategic Advisor for the NRA Dave Matthews, labor productivity has remained flat in recent years. From 2004 – 2014, the average annual percent change in output per labor hour has decreased between -0.1% for full service restaurants to -0.3% for limited service restaurants. How … Continued

What is the cost of a data security breach?

We’ve all heard about the data breaches that have taken place at some of our nation’s biggest businesses — T.J. Maxx, Target, P.F. Chang’s and Home Depot. These are huge companies that had their customer data compromised by criminal hackers and, as a result, incurred mind-boggling fines. But what about smaller businesses? They aren’t as … Continued

How to run a profitable restaurant using real-time data

Whether you are a big-time operation like Amazon or Google or a smaller independent restaurant, you can use real-time data from your business to gain insights and make smart, quick decisions that will ultimately make your restaurant more profitable. So where do you get this data? Whether it’s information about staffing schedules, table turns or … Continued

Avoid chargebacks and get faster table turns!

There are lots of reasons to buy a POS System. Whether its ease-of-use, splitting checks, real-time sales reports, integration to mobile solutions for reporting, customer interaction, mobile payments or integrated EMV for payments processing, you can put together a solution that’s tailored to your unique business needs…and budget. Running a profitable restaurant, however, is easier … Continued

EMV Liability Shift Creates Opportunity for “Friendly Fraud”

by Joe Finizio, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ASI A pro-sports player ran up a $6,000+ tab entertaining his entourage in a trendy club. The club was not yet upgraded to process EMV transactions. The credit card was signed and signing of the charge slip was captured on the security camera; however, when the … Continued

3 Questions to Ask Your POS Provider about EMV

October 1, 2015 is now behind us, and the EMV liability shift is now in effect. That means restaurants that have not implemented an EMV-enabled credit card terminal and POS solution can now potentially be held liable in the event of certain fraudulent card-present activity. In spite of the recent liability shift, some restaurant owners … Continued

3 Ways Cloud-Based Services Can Enhance Your Restaurant POS

If you’re like most restaurant owners and operators, often times, you probably wish you could be two places (or more) at once. There’s always something to do: from communicating with staff and customers to checking in on sales and everything in between. And, if you’re like most restaurateurs, updating your restaurant point-of-sale software is one of … Continued

New Research: Improving Patron Experiences With iPad POS

Our friend Justin Guinn, market researcher at Software Advice, a company that offers insights on restaurant POS systems, has completed a new study on iPad POS systems. Below you will find a Q&A session with Justin, as well as a link to the study. Q&A with Justin Guinn: We know that iPad POS gives a server … Continued

A Revolution in Payment Processing

A revolution is underway in the world of payment processing.  Card brands are requiring consumers to use a new kind of “EMV” credit card that has an embedded smart chip.  And Apple has released a  “digital wallet” (ApplePay) that’s created sufficient consumer demand that businesses, including restaurants, are feeling the need to start accepting mobile … Continued