Marketing to repeat customers

Marketing to your current customers

Restaurants that actively promote themselves have the most success in today’s market.  Since up to 75% of most restaurants’ business comes from repeat visitors, marketing to current customers is a great place to start. Strong communications with current customers can turn repeat visitors into brand evangelists who function as spokespeople for your restaurant or bar through word of mouth and social media.

There are many powerful tools to make marketing to your current customers easier, more effective, and more engaging than ever before. Technology helps you show your customers that they are valued, learn about what they like, and tell them about what you have to offer.


Using technology to reach your current customers

POP Marketing

 In quick service, fast casual, bars, or nightclubs, utilizing point of purchase displays is a powerful way to market to your customers in store. The Restaurant Manager POS customer confirmation display allows you to present enticing messages, images, and videos on the same screen where customers look to verify their order. This offers business owners a place to present multi-media marketing messages that help raise average checks through suggestive selling, create awareness of special events or promotions, and offers an additional touch point to reinforce branding and other marketing messages. Whether you’re letting customers know about your happy hour, gift cards, add on items like desserts, or high margin daily specials, this point of purchase advertising can boost your bottom line revenue and encourage repeat visits.

            Database Marketing

Building a customer database is the first step in reaching current customers outside your store. Whether you’re sending invitations to special events or coupons, outbound marketing through email or direct mail helps pull your customers back in.

The more targeted and relevant you make your messaging, the more powerful it will be. Building a customer database and learning about the spending habits and preferences of the people in it allows you to reach them with more effective, targeted marketing messages. Whether you offer a discount on a most frequently purchased item or reach out to a patron whose visit frequency has declined, the combination of customer insight and a robust database can strengthen your customer relationships and boost your bottom line. Sending people a coupon for their most ordered item will pull them into the store, and tie them to your brand, more effectively than any generic messaging. The more you can learn and record about your customers’ preferences, the better.

Customer Loyalty/Frequent Diner Programs

One great way to learn about your customers’ spending habits, and increase return visits, average checks, and customer satisfaction at the same time, is to sign them up for a customer loyalty program. Not only does tying each customer to their purchases help you learn about your customers, these programs reward your repeat visitors for being such an important part of your business while encouraging them to come in more often and spend more on each visit.

Customer loyalty programs have evolved with technology to be easier to manage for you and your customers and to be even more powerful marketing tactics. New tools like Mercury Mobile Loyalty get you closer to the customer than ever before by incorporating social media and text messaging into your loyalty program thus extending your marketing reach and strengthening your customer relationships.


Marketing to your current customers is the first step to a robust marketing program for successful restaurants and technology is making it easier and more effective than ever.

Author: Remigijus Pavydis