Heartbleed Bug May Impact Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners are busy people who don’t always have time to keep up with news from the technology sector. But restaurants that do ANY social media marketing could be affected by the Heartbleed Bug that’s been in the news lately.

If your restaurant does social media marketing, be sure to change the password you use to access any of the social media sites listed on this Heartbleed Hit List. Failure to do so leaves you open to hackers intent of making malicious changes to your account or using your email to send spam.

Tracy Fifer, owner of Fifer’s Seafood in Annapolis, MD didn’t think much about it when he heard first the news about the so-called Heartbleed Bug. “Even though Facebook and Foursquare are an important part of our marketing strategy, it didn’t occur to me that some bug in SSL software would affect my restaurant,” said Fifer. “Fortunately, I work with a terrific POS provider who helps me stay on top of all these technologies and within a few hours of hearing the news, he’d gotten all our passwords updated and our business secure. In this day and age, I couldn’t operate my business without a technology advisor like Technology Marketing!!”

If you’re not sure what the Heartbleed Bug might mean for your business, contact your POS provider TODAY.

Author: Remigijus Pavydis