Using the RM Handheld for Payment Processing

Mobile POS for pay-at-the-table is ideal for full service restaurants, stadiums, cocktail bars and other hospitality environments where payment is currently processed at a central location, far from the customer’s view.

Tables are freed up more quickly when customers don’t have to stay at the table waiting for their credit card to be returned. And customers love it when they can pay their check without losing sight of their credit card. They appreciate the protection against identity theft and -- when they’re in a hurry -- are glad to skip the wait for their credit card to be returned. Restaurants need no longer hassle with storing credit cards that customers accidentally leave behind.

Any approved handheld computer, including Apple’s iPod touch, can be used as a Pay-at-the-Table device. Simply fit it with a mag stripe reader and load it with the RM Handheld app to easily process payments at tableside.

Even restaurants who aren’t ready for tableside order-taking can realize significant bottom line benefits at very little cost by using the RM Handheld mobile point of sale app for payment processing.

Why is Pay-at-the-Table Important?

Consumer identity theft and credit card fraud are common items in the news today. Patrons of your restaurant are well aware of this and today’s savvy consumer has increased expectations about how the businesses they frequent are protecting their personal information.

Here’s the scene: Your server brings the check, takes a credit card and walks out of the customer’s sight to a POS terminal to swipe the card. Are you confident that the customer’s credit card information is safe? More importantly, is your customer confident that your restaurant is doing all it can to protect their personal information and that their information is safe?

If you answered no to either of those questions, you may not only miss a chance to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace but fail to realize other important business benefits of offering Pay-at-the-Table.




“Now that we use the RM Handheld for payment processing, there is zero opportunity for fraud….and our customers can see how much we care about them.”

Spiro Goldiassis
Mrs K’s Tollhouse Restaurant