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Integrated P2PE Payments

Custom programmed for your business by an authorized Restaurant Manager Reseller.

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A local reseller will deliver, install, and configure your system, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your customers.

Smart Reporting

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Protect your business with integrated point-to-point encryption to avoid costly data breaches.




RM Payments

If you are not accepting EMV, you are leaving your business vulnerable to counterfeit credit card fraud.

The latest version of RM not only works with EMV terminals, but it's also PA-DSS certified, which reduces liability for data security breaches.




You can be fined up to $20,000 per occurrence if your POS system doesn’t accept Mastercard’s new credit cards with updated Bank Identification Numbers (BIN).

Restaurant Manager now offers in-house payment processing services

for a better, more integrated point-of-sale experience.


"I’m not a computer person, but my reseller walked me through everything and Restaurant Manager is really quite easy."


Thousands of customers are happy with Restaurant Manager!

Mahoney’s Bar and Grill

Happy Days Diner

"Before we had Restaurant Manager, servers weren’t charging for small add-ons, like a side of peanut butter for example. Restaurant Manager makes it easy to catch these small sales so I don’t lose that revenue."

Get a demo from a local restaurant point of sale expert about Restaurant Manager's benefits.

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