Management Team

Alex Malison

Alex Malison - CEO

Alex Malison has served as CEO of ASI since its inception in 1987. In co-founding ASI with Smiley Hsu, Mr. Malison was able to combine his knowledge of the restaurant industry with his education and expertise in software design. Coming from a family that has owned and operated restaurants for three generations, Mr. Malison had the foresight in the mid-80s to launch one of the first PC-based “open architecture” POS systems for restaurants in a market that was still dominated by proprietary systems. More recently, Mr. Malison has devoted his energies to the development of Duet POS, the next generation cloud-based POS solution for the foodservice industry. Mr. Malison holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from City University in London, England.

Smiley Hsu - Board President

After founding ASI with Alex Malison in 1987, Mr. Hsu managed touchscreen product development through 19 version releases and, in the process, created a POS application that makes the Restaurant Manager brand one of the most respected brands in the POS industry. Mr. Hsu began his career designing sonar systems and navigation equipment for underwater remotely operated vehicles. Mr. Hsu also has worked as a system engineer at NASA in support of the Hubble Space Telescope and GOES weather satellites. Mr. Hsu graduated from Johns Hopkins University with BS and MS degrees in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

Lisa Wilson - Managing Vice-President

Lisa Wilson’s experience in the restaurant industry began as manager of the American Cafe chain of restaurants in the Washington, DC area. After joining ASI as a technical writer in 1995, Ms. Wilson quickly moved into the management team and, in 2000, was promoted to Managing Vice President. In her current position Ms. Wilson oversees ASI’s Marketing Department and also supervises the Administrative teams. Ms. Wilson has also worked as a fundraiser and grantwriter for various charitable organizations in the Washington, DC area and has a BS in Languages and Linguistics from Georgetown University.

Brian Ellery - VP Software Development

Brian Ellery brings over 20 years experience to his role as Vice President of Software Development. As Director of Software Innovation at Laureat Higher Education he supervised a team of 12 developers, facilitated a successful transition to Agile and oversaw the rollout of a multi-tenant platform that now benefits 60 global universities and 1+ million end-users. Prior to this Brian served for five years as the Senior Director of Development at ELEMICA, Inc. where he implemented a management dashboard that outlined resource utilization and projected costs, schedules, and other metrics and, most importantly, provided measurable improvements to the efficiency of his development team.